Is WordPress the Best Solution for My Blog or Site?

The quick answer is “Yes!” and here is why you should choose it:

Advantages of WordPress as a blogging system:

WordPress is an absolutely free software to use, it’s Open Source and has an astounding track record and community support. More than 23% of all sites on the Internet rely on WordPress.

WordPress is a very friendly system, even for begginers. It’s intuitive interface allows you to deliver quickly the best results.

WordPress is like a LEGO constructor – it is super extendable with variety of plugins and themes, a lot of them also free. You can create pretty much any kind of web application including: Blog, Corporate, E-commerce, Portfolio, Social Network, etc.

WordPress is SEO Friendly – it supports meaningful URLs and organizes information into categories, tags and data types.

WordPress is very easily maintainable because it actually updates with one click or since recently automatically. It has a stable developer’s community behind it and quickly adds new features compared to competition.

WordPress has also a good web security and you can add more plugins and techniques to enhance it.

WordPress can be easily optimized so it performs better – there are plugins that allow easily caching and PageSpeed optimization, required for better Google ranking (SERP).

WordPress has a Media Library that supports various media types and it’s a pretty easy to upload and create a gallery or a featured blog post or embed a Video clip.

And most modern premium themes you can buy for about $50 rely on integrated Page Builders that let you setup complex page layouts with a few clicks.

I can recommend from my experience as a WordPress Developer using premium themes and plugins because of their better quality and support in time.

You can browse among thousands of them on:

Theme Forest

Code Canyon

In terms of hosting the best solution you can go for is:

WP Engine

As they call it:

“Hassle-Free WordPress Hosting”

Happy Blogging! 🙂